Talk To One Another

When it comes to the ways people talk to each other these days of course we have to consider how important and overall prevalent online communication has become, and I think that there is a lot of pros and cons with online communication but what is so sad is that the value of friendship is not the same, and before social media we really had to make an effort to stay in touch with our friends, and I think that even with social media we still need to make a significant effort to keep in touch with people, but it is obviously a little bit different then how it used to be.

Of course the ways in which we talk to each other in general online has absolutely evolved over the years as well, and of course when America Online (AOL) came out in the early 90s that really changed a bunch for a lot of people because it was the first time that people could do something like instant messaging online. I remember being a really young kid who would come home from school and then get online and talk to girls on the internet that I went to school with, and of course these days I think that I would be much more hesitant to do something like that, and that is definitely not as casual as it used to be, but it was such a fun thing to do back then that people wanted to do it and it kind of was fascinating.

So if you are the type of person who can relate back to the AOL days of the internet and instant messaging then you definitely are the type of person who can relate to all of these articles because all of these articles are solely about online communication and that means that we are going to be talking about a bunch of different aspects of online communication, the evolution of online communication and the social ramifications of online communication, and by doing this type of investigation through blogs and online communication we might just be able to figure out a little bit more what this phenomenon has done to the human race and how we as humans and our ways of having relationships has changed just in the past 20 years or so. So I hope you really like these articles and feel free to comment and keep the online communication going with these articles, because that is what all of this is generally about anyways!

So for this article I would like to discuss in great detail how far we have come with online communication, and like I was saying earlier it is really crazy to even think back on the days when AOL was the main way that people got online and instant messaged people, and I think this was definitely a super trendy thing for people to do and I know I was one of those kids who would do all sorts of weird things online like instant message girls and go on chat rooms and meet different people and then become friends with online people that I didn’t really even know. And maybe I was getting close to encountering a predator of some sorts because they definitely were out there, but of course I was pretty confident that I would never actually meet any of the people I communicated with online that I didn’t already know, and that is super cool because you could kind of say anything to someone if you know you will never actually meet them.

But of course in today’s times AOL instant messaging is completely obsolete because everyone does their online communication or instant messaging through Facebook now, and I know that when Facebook added their chat options that really is when they took over the entire internet because right after that everyone started getting on Facebook and it definitely made a huge difference with the entire site and the entire world for that matter because when this happened on Facebook and people were more easily able to have private conversations on the site that changed the way in which people had online communication and I would say for the most part when it comes to instant messaging online Facebook is still the place where that happens and I think it is a lot better than AOL because it is a lot more personable, even though it actually isn’t personable at all still and is just people looking at computer screens and typing to one another, which of course is not personable at all.