Opening Doors

There are a bunch of things we can talk about when it comes to online communication but of course there are some really important issues that have come up with this type of communication, and over the years online communication has opened up a lot of doors for millions of people and I think just in general online communication has completely changed the entire world and it has been a positive change for the most part, and when I say for the most part I mean that there actually have been some negative effects when it comes to online communication and human interactions in general, and that simply is because the more popular that something like online communication gets the more people lose their simple human communication skills and I think this has in effect put a lot of negative effects on the ways in which we interact in person with one another.

It almost feels like people prefer the methods of online communication because of course when someone says something to you online you can have time to think about your response and you can formulate it to make it perfect and whatever, but then when you get in the real world and are having real conversations and someone says something to you and you have to react quickly to that response and your response in general then there could potentially be some problems.

The sad truth is that it really matters for the younger generations who are growing up with the internet and don’t know anything any differently and I think that it has to be pretty different for young girls and boys who are starving for attention online through social media sites and they feel bad about themselves when they don’t get any likes or something like that, and that’s a serious problem that is literally happening to millions of people in the world and that obviously isn’t cool because when it comes down to your mood and your life you shouldn’t care so much about what people think of you online and you should just be open and free to say whatever you want regardless of the reactions of people, but of course people are so scared to put things online because they know that when the publish something online there is a good chance that it will literally be up there forever, and that is kind of scary for a bunch of people and so social media sites tend to be very politically correct and things like that, but not all the time and of course we always hear about someone saying something really racist online and then getting a swarm of rebuttle and fights online, and that is sometimes good and bad.

When it comes down to it I would like to talk about online communication from a normal person’s perspective, and I think what has happened, which is really important in terms of social media and online communication in general, is that since all of this online sites have become so popular we have then been able to follow celebrities and very popular people much closer and that in turn kind of makes all of us envious and jealous or just obsessed even more with celebrities and so this whole online communication is actually kind of a double edged sword because we can now get online and say whatever we want and really express ourselves, but of course that sword is also turned on ourselves when we start to think down on ourselves when our posts and opinions don’t get the attention that we think they deserve, and that is kind of a reality that all of us are currently living in, and I just think it comes down to how much you care about your social media page that is what is so troubling. If and really IF you don’t care about your social media presence and what people think of what you say or anything like that then I am sure that you can have really positive online communication and do whatever you want, but if you are the type of person who really cares about what other people are going to think of you then you definitely are going to be in a sticky situation at times, and I think a lot of us fall in the latter category.