Online Debates

There have been numerous debates about online communication in recent years, and I think for the most part all of these debates have definitely had a lot of validity to them while at the same time have been completely ridiculous in terms of the types of arguments that are created through something like online communication, and I think this partly is because no matter what we say about online communication the facts of the matter are that the people who use online communication, which is just about everyone in the world today, are all very unique and different, and this means that all of the information that we can gather about online communication might be a little bit subjective in terms of the results of everything that has happened in recent years. This is definitely really important because a lot of people may say that online communication doesn’t affect their interpersonal skills in anyway and maybe even enhances their interpersonal skills because they are more easily able to have private conversations with a bunch of people all at once and can coordinate things and events much easier through online communication as opposed to interpersonal communications.

The thing is that a lot of different studies and opinions have said that online communication has definitely hampered people’s abilities to have conversations and even their desire to be with people, and the thing is that so many people just rely on talking to people through their devices that they don’t even feel that it is necessary to talk to people in person as much anymore and thus this has definitely created the concepts that a lot of people in general just aren’t talking to people in person as much anymore, these people that accomplish these goals make the kind of more it takes to hire rolls royce and to me this is kind of a negative thing for the most part because it definitely is bad when people aren’t talking to people at all or very little because you will start to get absorbed in your own mind and that typically doesn’t really help people out too much because we are a social species and we rely upon our relationships with other tremendously.

What is definitely the truth is that communication in general has and will continue to evolve a bunch as the years go along, and what we have seen in recent years is that people in general like to have quick conversations as opposed to long conversations that generally drag on for a while and don’t give them that much satisfaction, and because we are now more interested in quick conversations we are now kind of seeing a lack of real conversation in general and the content of our conversations typically aren’t that good either, which is really sad because we should be still engaging ourselves in intellectual conversation, and that can’t typically happen over text messages or Facebook, but of course it is possible and that is another pro to online communication, the most popular form of communication in the entire world.

Another really funny critique about younger people in general and what social media has done to us is that people tend to want to show other people that they are having fun and then put more emphasis on showing people they are having fun than actually have some legitimate fun in their lives, which is horrible but true if you look at sites likes Instagram and Snapchat that have people constantly sharing what they are doing with their friends. I think it is about time that people start to wake up and see what exactly they are doing with their lives so that they can more easily have relationships that benefit them, and I think that will definitely help out a lot of people.