Online Debates

There have been numerous debates about online communication in recent years, and I think for the most part all of these debates have definitely had a lot of validity to them while at the same time have been completely ridiculous in terms of the types of arguments that are created through something like online communication, and I think this partly is because no matter what we say about online communication the facts of the matter are that the people who use online communication, which is just about everyone in the world today, are all very unique and different, and this means that all of the information that we can gather about online communication might be a little bit subjective in terms of the results of everything that has happened in recent years. This is definitely really important because a lot of people may say that online communication doesn’t affect their interpersonal skills in anyway and maybe even enhances their interpersonal skills because they are more easily able to have private conversations with a bunch of people all at once and can coordinate things and events much easier through online communication as opposed to interpersonal communications.

The thing is that a lot of different studies and opinions have said that online communication has definitely hampered people’s abilities to have conversations and even their desire to be with people, and the thing is that so many people just rely on talking to people through their devices that they don’t even feel that it is necessary to talk to people in person as much anymore and thus this has definitely created the concepts that a lot of people in general just aren’t talking to people in person as much anymore, these people that accomplish these goals make the kind of more it takes to hire rolls royce and to me this is kind of a negative thing for the most part because it definitely is bad when people aren’t talking to people at all or very little because you will start to get absorbed in your own mind and that typically doesn’t really help people out too much because we are a social species and we rely upon our relationships with other tremendously.

What is definitely the truth is that communication in general has and will continue to evolve a bunch as the years go along, and what we have seen in recent years is that people in general like to have quick conversations as opposed to long conversations that generally drag on for a while and don’t give them that much satisfaction, and because we are now more interested in quick conversations we are now kind of seeing a lack of real conversation in general and the content of our conversations typically aren’t that good either, which is really sad because we should be still engaging ourselves in intellectual conversation, and that can’t typically happen over text messages or Facebook, but of course it is possible and that is another pro to online communication, the most popular form of communication in the entire world.

Another really funny critique about younger people in general and what social media has done to us is that people tend to want to show other people that they are having fun and then put more emphasis on showing people they are having fun than actually have some legitimate fun in their lives, which is horrible but true if you look at sites likes Instagram and Snapchat that have people constantly sharing what they are doing with their friends. I think it is about time that people start to wake up and see what exactly they are doing with their lives so that they can more easily have relationships that benefit them, and I think that will definitely help out a lot of people.

The Times Are Getting Better!

There have been a ton of different debates in recent years about how technology has changed the younger generations of Americans and made them more like zombies than humans in some certain extents, and although that may seem really sarcastic and that is because it kind of is, there still is a lot of information out there that can help people better understand how online communication in general has in effect changed younger Americans and maybe has done some negative effects to their social skills. Now, I think it is pretty obvious that texting and online communication in general is not only popular amongst younger Americans, but it is also now becoming if not is already the type of online communication that people prefer these days.

So you might be wondering why texting or Facebook chat and other social medias have anything to do with our lack of social skills, and this is primarily due to the facts that people are now relying upon communication that is not interpersonal, and that means that when we get ourselves in our situations in which we actually think and have conversations in person with one another they are different. That doesn’t mean that they are necessarily any worse than how they were in the past and I think for the most part we should obviously recognize that everyone and every relationship is unique and different, but there also is no judgment or argument about the facts that texting and online communication has at least some kind of effect on young people’s interpersonal skills and conversations.

Now to play Devil’s advocate in this type of situation I think it is also important for us to realize how convenient online communication is because now we can keep going on with whatever it is we may be doing and still keep in touch with people through subtle texts and get the information that we need to get out there in writing, and that is definitely important, without having to spend time and maybe be inappropriate at times having phone conversations when we shouldn’t be doing something like that. Now there are definitely a ton of different ways in which all of us can think of situations in which texting is the best way of talking to someone, and this is something that we should definitely consider tremendously because this is part of the reasons why texting and online communication in general has become so popular, but the problems that I see perpetuating throughout what I generally see in my own life is that people have started to substitute convenience for substance in their conversations, and although we might be able to hold a bunch of conversations at once online the actual content of our conversations has somewhat diminished because we are not contacting one another through interpersonal conversation and that can lead to a lot of problems that we will discuss pretty shortly. Electrician Los Angeles are making a big push to create a much better online circumstance to where it will be much easier to communicate. This company

Now let’s evolve this idea that convenience of online communication has in a way hindered our abilities to want to even have interpersonal conversations, and the thing is that we should definitely consider is that we can keep in touch with people from the comforts of our own home and so we don’t need to necessarily go outside and do anything with people when we can talk to them through our devices and never leave our houses, which I am sure a lot of younger people can relate to either through their friends or themselves, but it definitely is a problem and more young people need to get outside more and experience the world in a more personable way so that they can grow up and be interesting people as opposed to people who are just really good at conversing through devices and not in real person to person conversation methods.

So where is all of this going you might ask? Well, it is definitely hard to explain in fully through just a few articles and blogs and so that is why this entire list of articles is dedicated solely to online communication, and we hope you are learning a little bit more and continue to learn in our next installment about online communication.





Opening Doors

There are a bunch of things we can talk about when it comes to online communication but of course there are some really important issues that have come up with this type of communication, and over the years online communication has opened up a lot of doors for millions of people and I think just in general online communication has completely changed the entire world and it has been a positive change for the most part, and when I say for the most part I mean that there actually have been some negative effects when it comes to online communication and human interactions in general, and that simply is because the more popular that something like online communication gets the more people lose their simple human communication skills and I think this has in effect put a lot of negative effects on the ways in which we interact in person with one another.

It almost feels like people prefer the methods of online communication because of course when someone says something to you online you can have time to think about your response and you can formulate it to make it perfect and whatever, but then when you get in the real world and are having real conversations and someone says something to you and you have to react quickly to that response and your response in general then there could potentially be some problems.

The sad truth is that it really matters for the younger generations who are growing up with the internet and don’t know anything any differently and I think that it has to be pretty different for young girls and boys who are starving for attention online through social media sites and they feel bad about themselves when they don’t get any likes or something like that, and that’s a serious problem that is literally happening to millions of people in the world and that obviously isn’t cool because when it comes down to your mood and your life you shouldn’t care so much about what people think of you online and you should just be open and free to say whatever you want regardless of the reactions of people, but of course people are so scared to put things online because they know that when the publish something online there is a good chance that it will literally be up there forever, and that is kind of scary for a bunch of people and so social media sites tend to be very politically correct and things like that, but not all the time and of course we always hear about someone saying something really racist online and then getting a swarm of rebuttle and fights online, and that is sometimes good and bad.

When it comes down to it I would like to talk about online communication from a normal person’s perspective, and I think what has happened, which is really important in terms of social media and online communication in general, is that since all of this online sites have become so popular we have then been able to follow celebrities and very popular people much closer and that in turn kind of makes all of us envious and jealous or just obsessed even more with celebrities and so this whole online communication is actually kind of a double edged sword because we can now get online and say whatever we want and really express ourselves, but of course that sword is also turned on ourselves when we start to think down on ourselves when our posts and opinions don’t get the attention that we think they deserve, and that is kind of a reality that all of us are currently living in, and I just think it comes down to how much you care about your social media page that is what is so troubling. If and really IF you don’t care about your social media presence and what people think of what you say or anything like that then I am sure that you can have really positive online communication and do whatever you want, but if you are the type of person who really cares about what other people are going to think of you then you definitely are going to be in a sticky situation at times, and I think a lot of us fall in the latter category.

Talk To One Another

When it comes to the ways people talk to each other these days of course we have to consider how important and overall prevalent online communication has become, and I think that there is a lot of pros and cons with online communication but what is so sad is that the value of friendship is not the same, and before social media we really had to make an effort to stay in touch with our friends, and I think that even with social media we still need to make a significant effort to keep in touch with people, but it is obviously a little bit different then how it used to be.

Of course the ways in which we talk to each other in general online has absolutely evolved over the years as well, and of course when America Online (AOL) came out in the early 90s that really changed a bunch for a lot of people because it was the first time that people could do something like instant messaging online. I remember being a really young kid who would come home from school and then get online and talk to girls on the internet that I went to school with, and of course these days I think that I would be much more hesitant to do something like that, and that is definitely not as casual as it used to be, but it was such a fun thing to do back then that people wanted to do it and it kind of was fascinating.

So if you are the type of person who can relate back to the AOL days of the internet and instant messaging then you definitely are the type of person who can relate to all of these articles because all of these articles are solely about online communication and that means that we are going to be talking about a bunch of different aspects of online communication, the evolution of online communication and the social ramifications of online communication, and by doing this type of investigation through blogs and online communication we might just be able to figure out a little bit more what this phenomenon has done to the human race and how we as humans and our ways of having relationships has changed just in the past 20 years or so. So I hope you really like these articles and feel free to comment and keep the online communication going with these articles, because that is what all of this is generally about anyways!

So for this article I would like to discuss in great detail how far we have come with online communication, and like I was saying earlier it is really crazy to even think back on the days when AOL was the main way that people got online and instant messaged people, and I think this was definitely a super trendy thing for people to do and I know I was one of those kids who would do all sorts of weird things online like instant message girls and go on chat rooms and meet different people and then become friends with online people that I didn’t really even know. And maybe I was getting close to encountering a predator of some sorts because they definitely were out there, but of course I was pretty confident that I would never actually meet any of the people I communicated with online that I didn’t already know, and that is super cool because you could kind of say anything to someone if you know you will never actually meet them.

But of course in today’s times AOL instant messaging is completely obsolete because everyone does their online communication or instant messaging through Facebook now, and I know that when Facebook added their chat options that really is when they took over the entire internet because right after that everyone started getting on Facebook and it definitely made a huge difference with the entire site and the entire world for that matter because when this happened on Facebook and people were more easily able to have private conversations on the site that changed the way in which people had online communication and I would say for the most part when it comes to instant messaging online Facebook is still the place where that happens and I think it is a lot better than AOL because it is a lot more personable, even though it actually isn’t personable at all still and is just people looking at computer screens and typing to one another, which of course is not personable at all.

Online Communication

It is obviously a little bit crazy the type of society in which we live in these days, and it is kind of funny to think about what people would think of our society if we looked back in the past as to what we do today and the ways the internet has completely changed all of us in terms of how we communicate with one another, and for the most part I think that there is nothing wrong with online communication because it definitely has opened up a lot of doors for people to communicate with one another from anywhere in the world, and that is something that we as a society should be very proud of, but as a society there is a lot about online communication that we should not be proud of and the pros and cons of online communication is what we are going to be discussing throughout all of these articles and on this blog, so for the most part there are going to be some articles that are going to talk about how good online communication that are right next to the horrific side of online communication and how it has completely ruined person to person relationships and has definitely made our lives in general much different and for the most part much worse off.

Now, I want to be forthright and let all the readers of this blog to know that I am not the type of person who hides from online communication and doesn’t use the internet and I think that I am actually the opposite and I use all types of online communication all of the time in my personal and business affairs, and I think in terms of business it has definitely helped me out a bunch and I think that I wouldn’t ever want to go back to the old ways before email where everyone had to wait to get messages in the mail or just called on the phone and had to take notes or something, it’s just really complicated to even think about what the world was like before email for me because I am a millennial and I pretty much grew up with emails and online communication.

But at the same time since I grew up with online communication it has been a pretty solid part of my life in general, and I can’t help but think that there is something missing in some of my relationships and I feel as though I am more alone in today’s days then I was earlier in my life even when I still used online communication, and I think sites like Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat and all forms of social media definitely have made people much lazier in terms of their friendships and relationships because if they really want to talk to someone it is so easy to talk to them online, but what has started to happen at least from my perspective is that the easier it has become to talk to people the less people actually have any real conversations, and even the types of content that goes into our conversations isn’t as good and it seems like we have all become so completely absorbed in online communication and our cell phones that we have started to under value the ideas and concepts of a person to person conversation and that is just not right.

I don’t care who you are or how successful you have become and how many followers you have on social media, because if you live your life through the internet you are going to have a big hole in your life that can only be filled by spending quality time with humans that you like and enjoy spending your time with. So if you are the type of person who really likes online communication, that is perfectly fine, but just don’t accept online communication as the main way that you should talk to people because the best way to talk to someone is face to face and get a personable experience out of it, and I promise you that the more face to face conversations that you have on a regular basis the happier of a person you will become.